Why Use WordPress?

why choose wordpress?Over the years WordPress (WP) has matured to such a point that you can implement pretty much any type of website.  WP has gone far beyond a simple blogging platform.  With the help of plugins and themes one can make it look pretty much whatever you like.  For most clients WP is my first recommendation.  Here is a simple list of reasons why you should use WP to run your website:

  • Ease of Use – There is a very small learning curve.  You can hire a professional to set up the web hosting, theme, and required plugins.  After you have the system in place making minor changes and posting new content is a breeze.
  • Open Source – Nobody owns WP.  There is no corporation making decisions, no shareholders demanding profits that would force decisions in a certain way.
  • Community – There are millions upon millions of websites being run on WP.  And that means there are just as many people behind those websites.  This makes for a very robust, innovative, and involved community.  If you have a problem or question someone else is probably thinking the same thing or has a solution for you to try.
  • Themes – WP is the software that runs your website.  Themes are what make your website look like what they look like on your computer screen.  Want to try a new look?  Try a different theme!  Free, paid, or custom developed you have thousands of options.
  • Plugins – WP comes with a basic core functionality that is usually enough for most websites.  There are a select few security and utility plugins we install on all of our websites.  But beyond that you only install what you need.  Need a support desk?  There’s a plugin for that.  Need social sharing?  There’s a plugin for that.  Need eCommerce?  There’s a plugin for that!
  • Scalability  – Have a question about whether WP can handle what you are thinking about?  Just look at WordPress.com!  A single multisite installation of WP that handles 35+ million websites.

And last but not least is our business.  WP is not the majority but sizable part of our website design and development business.

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