Where Will The Shady Internet Marketers Hide?

Power Solutions - Negative SEOGoogle and transparency seem a bit like an oxymoron but ever so slowly they do seem to be going in that direction. Their latest algorithm hit hard at a lot of spammy links. However, Google is still struggling to identify what exactly is a spammy link. Stories abounded about legitimate websites dropping like flies in their SERPS. And you don’t have to go too far in the search engines to find dodgy negative SEO services being offered to target your competition. Google does seem to be listening to the legitimate concerns of Webmasters and SEO professionals. Towards that end, they are considering letting Website owners disavow links.

Now I’m an a bit on an Internet Marketer, and we seem to have a bad reputation. And it is exactly because of the negative SEO type of services. Not to mention that everyone who wants to make money fast ends up buying the latest “Get Rick Quick” scheme on the internet. Most of these people, in the past, have ended up using questionable SEO services to boost their search engine result rankings. I keep on thinking that those days are soon coming to an end, especially for the hidden website networks. Some of them have already been found and de-indexed. The more craftier have survived, perhaps due to their IP diversity, or because they have not disclosed their links to their clients. Even so, let’s go through a future scenario:

  • Get rick quick scheme IM guy finds a niche and puts up a website.
  • Now he wants to improve his search results immediately and buys a link building service from a website network.
  • Most of the links they build for him, in their network of websites, look natural but a few look spammy and get tagged by Google.
  • Option 1: he goes back and tells them about being tagged as a spammy link  option 2: he tells Google I didn’t build this link, so he can still get the link juice from the rest of the links.
  • Now this website network might have hundreds of clients considering similar options.
  • From the get rich quick crowd, I’m guessing Option 2 is far more likely than Option 1.
  • A lot of clients go with Option 2 and Google starts building a footprint for this network of websites providing the links.

Now I can foresee with some certainty the “hidden network” being de-indexed in good order.  Google hasn’t yet actually rolled this “disavow a link” functionality, but they are talking about it and the White Hat SEO people are all over it.  Web Pro News posted an article about this recently.  So the question goes, where will the shady Internet Marketers go next?

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