Small Steps To Get Started With Social Media

Social Media Examiner has written a great article for how to get started in Social Media.  You can read the original post here:

Steps to Getting Started With Social Media


  1. Find your community
  2. Choose which network works best for you
    • Facebook works well for products and businesses
    • YouTube can be used to show off your products
    • Twitter can show off products by holding contests and giveaways
    • Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places are best for local businesses
    • LinkedIn may work best for B2B opportunities
  3. Focus Your Efforts


There are also tools available that you can use to set up content syndication.  By that we mean that if you have a WordPress Blog you can use a plugin to automatically posts your content onto your Facebook fan page.  And from there Facebook can post your content onto Twitter.  Facebook as has apps to post your content onto Pinterest.  So do your research and find out which tools suite you best.  Look for future posts where we outline the best plugins and tools for this type of automation.

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