Six Pack Abs Workouts

Six Pack Abs Workouts

About Me: I’ve been in online computer sales since 2000.  Been on eBay since then.  Started out selling Amiga items, changed to PC when it died an unfortunate end.  I’ve worked from home as a computer consultant for the last decade with online sales sprinkled into the mix.

Why I Am Selling: Ever since we had kids in 2006 I’ve been the stay at home dad and now it’s time for us to switch roles again.  I got back into the “workplace” and started looking around for what I could do from home, make some decent money, and still spend about the same amount of time with my kids as I do now.  As I used to be in online and eBay sales that’s what I started to do but things have changed online, a lot, since my time.  After spending some time doing research on the state of the eBay marketplace, I looked around and thought I’d give Internet Marketing a try.  Since about September 2011 I’ve learned a lot and contracted website design from various different people.  Some based on their keyword research and some based on my own.  After all this time I’ve got about 45 websites.

I didn’t know what might hold my interest so I went in a lot of different directions.  But now I have found that I keep gravitating towards 2-3 of the websites, their subject matter seems to hold my interest.  So I will be focusing my attention on about 4 specific websites that I will keep and selling the rest.  This is my first website sale on Flippa or anywhere for that matter.

Establishing Trust:  As this is my first website sale anywhere I have to somehow establish trust.  Towards that end I have linked in all of my social networks.  My company that has been online since 2000 is Power Solutions.  I’ve been on eBay since about the same time as well.  You can look at my profile on eBay.  The first thing I did back in September 2011 was try eBay sales again.  Here’s the store and related blog.  You can see the blog articles start in September and stop in November.  eBay had changed too much.  I am willing to fulfill any reasonable request for information, to further establish trust with actual bidders.

Financial Details:  I am not claiming or providing any revenue data.  But there is no doubt the traffic can and has been monetized.  You should be confident of your own methods to produce income.

Traffic Details:  I installed Google Analytics for a while but right now there is no analytics.  I have put in a filter for my own ip address so the figures are clean.

Design Claim:  I believe the design is in limited circulation, less than 20-25.  The graphics are likely stock photos.

Content Claim:  I believe the content is unique, it was written for me.  It doesn’t matter because I have made changes and SEO optimized the eight (8) featured articles.  As per the attachment you can see the score provided by one of the premium plugins installed.

Monetization Claim: I am not claiming or providing any monetization data.  But you can see from the premium plugin list there are some options implemented.

Website Preparation: Submitted for bookmarks, article directory submissions, pinged, meta submitted, and then the meta links were pinged.  This pertains to the eight (8) featured articles.  All social indicators are natural i.e. FB likes, Google+, and things like Stumble Upon clicks are natural.  I have not paid for social clicks anywhere on the website.

Message <= example of short codes

Premium Plugins: I will not divulge the exact list of the premium plugins but this is what they do:

  1. auto post videos on schedule, according to keywords (a)
  2. per post / page social media submission (a)(b)
  3. clickbank products listed on schedule, according to keywrods (a)
  4. find hot trends and post products on schedule, from amazon, CJ, CB (c)
  5. auto curated articles posted on schedule, according to keyword (c)
  6. article directory submission (c)
  7. floating social buttons (a)
  8. legal pages (a)
  9. custom text facebook buttons (a)
  10. SEO score and rank tracking (a)
  11. SEO full website interlinking (c)
  12. shortcodes to do buttons & gfx right in the editor (a)
  13. contexual CB links throughout the website (c)
  14. one click SEO in editor on keyword (a)
  15. mobile friendly via plugin (a)
  16. auto post amazon products on schedule, according to keywords (c)
  17. not a plugin but there is an “Amazon Store”, as well

(a) You can keep this on your website after it is sold.
(b) You will have to give me social media account information for initial setup after that it’s automatic.
(c) I will have to remove this plugin if you take complete ownership of website.

 Security: There is a combination of plugins installed to make WordPress as secure as possible without breaking the premium plugins installed.  Scans for malware and viruses can be done whenever you like, in some cases on a schedule.  Along with a combination of plugins to fight spam the website is fairly secure.  The combination of malware scanning and spam fighting plugins are from my own actual experience over the last several months of setting up 40+ WordPress websites.  These are all free versions from the WordPress repository.  Some have Pro options if you are interested in greater automation.

After The Sale

After The Sale:

  • If you choose, you will pay for Escrow and all associated fees.
  • I will make a full backup of the database and files and have them ready for you.
  • 25% payment –  Minimum 15 minute Skype tour so you can decide how to proceed.
  • 25% payment – I will create an admin account for you on the website and give you access.
  • 25% payment – I can send you all related files.
  • 25% payment – We sign the basic Flippa transfer documents and I transfer the domain to you.
  • will be transferred to you, it is registered at
  • OR you pay 100% right away and let me know how you wish to proceed.

Option 1: I transfer the domain to you but host the website.  It will stay where I am hosting it now.  I can leave all of the plugins in place.  If you break the website it’s your responsibility.  Pay someone or myself to fix it.  I can provide daily, weekly, monthly backups.

Option 2: I transfer the domain and all related files to you.  You are responsible for all further implementation.  I will have to remove some of the plugins installed before I hand over the files.


  • I will provide support via the Power Solutions website.
  • Project status while the transfer is proceeding.
  • Trouble ticket system for after sales support.
  • Toll free number, but keep in mind I work from home and I’m still responsible for three kids.

Buy It Now:

  • 5 Hours Skype support to answer any questions you have.
  • Maximum 1 Hour session per day.
  • I will provide hosting and support for one (1) year via trouble ticket system.
  • cPanel access in a shared hosting environment.

Tid Bits:

  • I do not wish to make any financial disclosures.
  • The above mentioned support is what I can promise to provide.
  • If I have the time available I will assist you on Skype as much as possible.
  • I have learned a lot but I’m not claiming any expertise in marketing, SEO, or sales funnels.
  • If there is anything I can do to improve my listing please let me know.
  • This is a non-refundable transaction as once given out I lose ownership.
  • Constructive criticism will be taken under advisement.
  • Rudeness will be ignored.
  • I will answer questions as soon as possible but family emergencies get taken care of first.