Rules To Stay On The Good Side Of Facebook

The Australian has written an excellent article on some rules to follow to make sure Facebook doesn’t “accidently” take down your FB page:

Facebook Rules

  1. Be popular, but not that popular, growing too fast will get you noticed
  2. Keep it real, everything on your profile should be the real you
  3. Be active but not too active, you don’t want to look like a spammer
  4. If you don’t own it don’t post it, copyright rules apply to social media
  5. Facebook doesn’t always have a sense of humour, it’s subjective
  6. Competitions, there are strict Facebook and State rules to be followed
  7. Follow carefully, again, don’t want to look like a spammer
  8. Business profile pics, are not a place for you to sell stuff
  9. Post nicely, your local hate speech laws still apply

Most people will not have to worry about most of these things.  But if you get popular and get a large following people, including your competitors start paying attention.  So be sure to read the Terms of Service carefully, especially when you have any question in your mind about what may or may not be “kosher”.

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