Mobile Website Design

Mobile - Before and After ImagesConsumers today more then ever before are using their mobile devices to find your business, research your business and connect with your business. Did you know that half of all Internet searches today for local services and products are taking place on mobile smart phones and devices.

If you think about it you have lots of traffic coming to your business on mobile phones and quite frankly the experience on your current website may not be quite enjoyable. Internet users report that 95% of the time they will leave the website on their mobile phone if it’s not mobile optimized.

Most websites are built to look outstanding on a computer or laptop, but once viewed on a mobile phone whose screen is much smaller the experience isn’t pleasant to say the least. Have you honestly tried to view your phone on an iPhone, android or blackberry device lately? Can you easily find your phone number and address? Can you easily click to call your business? Can you easily navigate around your website and quickly find what you need?

If the answer is no to any of these questions chances are you are losing business to your competitors who are mobile ready. Over 20% of all Internet searches are being performed from mobile devices. This means in total you can be losing 20% of potential business just for the sole reason of you not being mobile ready.

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