Creating Fun Twitter Infographics For Yourself

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Twitterize yourself!

Go to and follow the instructions to create a custom, Twitter data-generated infographic.

  1. First, you must sign in to your Twitter account and allow the app access to your account (you can revoke access any time).
  2. Then select whether you want to generate a “solographic” or do a “faceoff” with another Twitter user, or with a random celebrity.
  3. If you choose “faceoff,” enter the usernames of the two accounts you want to include.
  4. Next, customize the character that will appear in your infographic.
  5. Click “generate infographic” and wait a few minutes while the app gathers your Twitter data.
  6. will supply you with a link to your infographic, as well as embed code you can copy and paste into your website or blog. offers lots of free infographics creation tools (they currently have three styles of Facebook infographics, and are releasing new customizable infographics on a regular basis.

Vizify’s TweetSheet converts your Twitter activity into an infographic.

Intel’s What About Me? creates an infographic of your digital life, based on info from your Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube accounts.

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