Amazon Changes Prime Membership to Monthly Subscription Model building sign building sign has introduced a new subscription model for their Prime Membership benefits.  Previously priced at $79 Amazon will be moving to a $7.99 / month pricing model.  This will increase the yearly cost but they are adding so many more benefits.

  • Free two day express shipping on select items
  •  Free movie and TV show streaming
  •  Free Kindle book borrowing and other perks

Now why am I talking about Amazon?  Well for small businesses who produce quality custom items Prime Membership shipping has been used in the past to provide huge savings in shipping costs.  This in conjunction with Amazon FBA services can truly take your home based or small business to the next level.  One of the biggest things from my point of view is the starting of Canadian FBA services.

Prime Membership free 2 day express shipping + Canada FBA = Huge benefits for home based and small businesses.

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