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Instagram claims full rights to users photos

If Facebook seems to take 1 step forward about privacy policies this is probably 100 steps backwards. I have no idea which collection of managers thought this wouldn’t spark an outcry. Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos – read the full article here. Or maybe they expected and wanted the outcry […]

Huge and Free Bundle of Free Design Resources has posted a huge and free design resource as a pre-launch bonus.  Just head on over to their website.  They do want you to submit your email but I think 5GB of free content is worth the price of admission.

A Different Kind Of Social ROI

Are you still wondering if Social Marketing provides any kind of ROI to your business?  Well USA Today wrote about Twitter users telling their stories.  This one caught my eye about a very different kind of ROI: Here are a few other related links: Social Media Marketing Demi Lovato Thanks Her Fans for Keeping Her […]

Rules To Stay On The Good Side Of Facebook

The Australian has written an excellent article on some rules to follow to make sure Facebook doesn’t “accidently” take down your FB page: Be popular, but not that popular, growing too fast will get you noticed Keep it real, everything on your profile should be the real you Be active but not too active, you don’t […]

Why Use WordPress?

Over the years WordPress (WP) has matured to such a point that you can implement pretty much any type of website.  WP has gone far beyond a simple blogging platform.  With the help of plugins and themes one can make it look pretty much whatever you like.  For most clients WP is my first recommendation. […]

Amazon Changes Prime Membership to Monthly Subscription Model has introduced a new subscription model for their Prime Membership benefits.  Previously priced at $79 Amazon will be moving to a $7.99 / month pricing model.  This will increase the yearly cost but they are adding so many more benefits. Free two day express shipping on select items  Free movie and TV show streaming […]

The Best Designed Facebook Cover Images

You will notice that most of them bleed the cover image into the profile picture. This is very simple to do in Photoshop with the right template. This is one of the features we include in our maintenance contracts for Facebook and Google+.

Google Shopping Results – Product Listing Ads

If you have been making use of Google Product Listing Ads, there is a huge shift happening.  Google is switching to fully paid product listings only.  As well there are a lot of misconceptions about how they rank and are used.  If you intend to make use of PLA’s here is an article that might […]

Creating Fun Twitter Infographics For Yourself

Please visit the original post here. Twitterize yourself! Go to and follow the instructions to create a custom, Twitter data-generated infographic. First, you must sign in to your Twitter account and allow the app access to your account (you can revoke access any time). Then select whether you want to generate a “solographic” or do a […]

Small Steps To Get Started With Social Media

Social Media Examiner has written a great article for how to get started in Social Media.  You can read the original post here: Steps to Getting Started With Social Media   Find your community Choose which network works best for you Facebook works well for products and businesses YouTube can be used to show off […]